(By taking care of all details Media Line deliver a professional and successful experience)

-        Fashion show

Our Fashion Shows are guaranteed to take your breath away, Media Line is taking care about every single detail in the show to have an ultimate result with the highest ranking fashion


-        Make-up event

With our unique collaboration with a very popularmake-up artist, by paying attention to every detail in the show, by using a unique theme for each cosmetic company, and by having the best models, Media Line takes care of organizing and marketing very professional and attractive make-up events.

-        Wedding planning

Remain stress-free and enjoy a special day with our services and event organizers. Media Line heighten up your event by taking care of the food, setting up the tables, serving your guests, and cleaning afterward. We cater to your every need transforming your vision into an unforgettable experience providing one-stop solutions.

-        Graduation parties & Birthday parties

Make your Son & Daughter birthday and graduation day different and let them choose their party theme and let Media Line makes their day unforgettable.